How to Visually Present Values

Usual questions which occur when designing a pitch is, “How can we represent a value, or a team … or comparative information”. This excellent interactive graphic, online at The Guardian, demonstrates ‘NFL Salaries by Team and Position’ and shows how values are clearly viewed by the scale of the spheres, the layout and position of the spheres (think an alternative organization chart), and rollovers display more detailed information. Logos at the top and bottom of the image can be clicked on to show representations of size as visual cross comparisons.

Click here to experience the full interactive 





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Sharon has unparalleled design skills when it comes to creating pitch decks. Having worked as the Art Director for the Wall Street Journal in Asia and for numerous corporate and financial institutions worldwide, including Corporate Finance for ING, Sharon is able to communicate financial information through stunning visuals appealing to an international audience. She’s highly experienced in winning sales and marketing kits and libraries, pitch decks and proposals for corporates, legal firms and financial institutions as well as leading sports brands and media.


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